Webinars for teachers in Kyiv

Webinars for teachers in Kyiv

Sep 30, 20
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Dear colleagues-educators!

If you want to know about educational trends; get acquainted with the world trends in the theory of pedagogical assessment, improve Your skills in assessment, find the best ways to use formal assessment, create and choose tools for online assessment of the activities and success of their students; if You want to understand what STEM-education is, how to organize a STEM-project; choose digital resources to support STEM-education; to deepen your understanding of blended learning and the role of videos played in it… The academic group of projects “MODERNIZATION OF PEDAGOGICAL HIGHER EDUCATION BY INNOVATIVE TEACHING INSTRUMENTS” (MoPED) invites you to participate in the webinar on October 7 from 16: 00 to 17:30.

Webinar program

  • “Modern educational trends” Nataliia Morze – Professor of Department of Computer Science and Mathematics of the Faculty of Information Technology and Management of Borys Grinchenko
    Kyiv University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine – Project Manager.
  • “Formative assessment and digital technologies” Viktoriia Vember – PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor of Department of Computer Science and Mathematics of the Faculty of Information Technology and Management.
  • “Approaches and features during the organization of STEM-projects” Mariia Boiko – Senior Lecturer of Department of Computer Science and Mathematics of the Faculty of Information Technology and Management.
  • “How to increase the practical orientation of the Scientific studies in the context of blended learning” Svitlana Vasylenko – Deputy Head on the Content and Research of IT in Education Laboratory. 
  • “Use of video materials in blended learning” Liliia Varchenko-Trotsenko – PhD in Pedagogy, Researcher in Digital competence development centre of IT in Education Laboratory.

The materials of the webinars were prepared within the framework of the project “MODERNIZATION OF PEDAGOGICAL HIGHER EDUCATION BY INNOVATIVE TEACHING INSTRUMENTS MOPED” – №586098-EPP-1-2017-1-UA-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP.

If you are interested in the webinar, follow the link for Registration.

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